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Tuna Tunaboylu, born in Antalya, is an artist who is on his unpredictable and engrossing journey. Before enrolling in Gerrit Rietveld Academie, he spent all his life in Turkey. This radical change is emblematic of his courage and passion for art which are also deeply woven in his performances and films. Although trained in many art forms, Tuna has found his calling in performance art in which he combines the elements of his mind and body. This mental and physical exploration has been and still is, exhausting and demanding but also has led to his self-identification both as an artist and as a person. Tuna’s artistic vision is about self-expression, courage, and spontaneity. Using these components, he is exploring and pushing his mental and physical limits through which he grows as an artist. This transformation, even though, hard and painful, is a crucial path to take for any young artist who is serious and passionate about making art. Tuna’s projects are making an impact on those who are curious enough to enquire the limits of physical endurance, mental awareness, spiritual exploration but maybe, more importantly, life itself.

" Observations I make in this world and the boundaries I seek to push are the building block of my work.


I create an opportunity to communicate with the audience and provide a platform to think together through my performances that are aiming to question our individual and social existence. In this way, my performances are passing beyond my personal perspective and interpretations, furthermore, they become a part of each spectator's individual experience.

A painting, a sculpture, or a video can become a bridge between the audience and the creator. As a performance artist, I initiate an opportunity to communicate with the viewers directly.

I see myself as a bond between the audience's individual egos, their conscious identity, and the outer world."

Tuna Tunaboylu


 Gerrit Rietveld Academie – VAV



• Dam Traditional 24 exhibition - Istanbul (2016)

•Stage 6 performance event - Amsterdam (2017)

• Stage 7 performance event - Amsterdam (2018)

• Gallery Plan B Amsterdam Contextualism exhibition - Amsterdam(2017)

• Performance Berlin Myfest in Kreutzberrg Bullenwinkel - Berlin(2017)

• Gallery Never Neverland What Did You Expect? – Amsterdam (2019)

• Take a Walk on the Wild Side Performance at Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam (2019)

• Joe For Art Studio Talks - Istanbul (2019)

• Feriye Palace “I Closed My Eyes” Art Talk - Istanbul (2019)

• Bilsart Solo Exhibition (2020)

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