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Our existence lies on the basis of our limits, and our limits lie on the basis of our desires. From the mummification processes of the ancient Egyptians to the initial rhetoric that created alchemy, there’s always been an apprehension and a counteract towards mortality in the history of humankind.

By the protagonist covering his entire body with an excessive amount of honey for its eternal shelf life, “I Don’t Wanna Rot” depicts a ritual performed by a mortal for the achieving of immortality.

The performance consists of three stages that transit through the acting, together with the audio effects. It begins with sounds of clock ticking that introduces the audience the concepts of the passing of time and expiration. The rising action being the appliance of the ritual is then accompanied with sounds of siren for there’s an attempt of going out of the existing order. Yet with the unsuccess of the attempt and the emergence of human awareness, the performer breaks the hive smashing it onto the ground. The provider of immortality is then killed.

Performers: Tuna Tunaboylu

Duration: 5 min

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